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Nippon TV Sustainability

Natural resources are limited, and as environmental destruction continues, we must ask ourselves what we, those of us who live on this Earth together, must do. The world is wondering what roles the government, industries and citizens should play. The answer to the question leads to one key word: sustainability.

As opposed to the so-called "Bubble Years" when people craved material wealth, people now value intangible wealth.

Similarly, companies are now evaluated, not by profits and financial indicators, but more by how much and how well they are able to relate to people and their surroundings.

Companies that hope for the progress and well-being of society as a whole and that have taken steps to become involved in those efforts are the same companies who create value and continue to grow: a sign of sustainability.

Nippon TV's Basic Policy on Sustainability

  • While working toward producing high-quality programs that attract large numbers of viewers, we will utilize NTV Tower's cutting-edge technology to aggressively remain viable throughout the coming digital era.
  • To leave behind a beautiful world full of dreams for the younger generation through our environmental preservation programs while trying to reduce the burden on our environment.
  • Expediting the decision-making process to adapt to an ever-changing business and operations climate while advancing sustainable corporate value and amplifying societal contributions.