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Nippon TV Environmental Policy

Basic Principle

We have strived to incorporate "Nippon TV Sustainability," which encompasses careful consideration towards the environment and society, into our business operations while aspiring for sustainable development of the company as well as of the earth and society. Along with economic and societal aspects, the environmental dimension serves as one of the three pillars of "Nippon TV Sustainability."

The universal issue facing us this century would be preventing environmental destruction. As a leader in the media industry, Nippon TV realizes its social responsibility and has aggressively stepped up its eco efforts to preserve the environment. By sending out the message of environmental preservation to a wide audience through its programming and events, Nippon TV is attempting to reduce the burden on the environment as we continue to protect our beautiful Earth.

Let's think about the Earth together

The establishment of the Environmental Management Office in April 2003 to guide efforts to protect the environment has led to positive outcomes in all aspects of corporate operations from programming and advertising to sales and events. In 2004, we strengthened the business operations audit system and established a Compliance & Standards Division as part of measures to ensure sustainability (sustainable development) and further corporate governance. Furthermore, the "Nippon TV Environmental Policy" was announced in May 2005 to systemize our environmental management efforts beginning in August.

Basic Environmental Policy

  1. Serve as a Source of Transmitting Information
    Through its programming and various events, Nippon TV will spread the importance of environmental protection to the general public, which will fulfill our social responsibility as a media company and serve as our contribution toward preserving the environment.
  2. Establish and Continuously Improve the Environmental Management System
    Nippon TV established an appropriate environmental management system as part of its corporate activities, promoting the reuse of natural resources and energy as well as reducing waste and encouraging recycling. Furthermore, we will do our utmost to maintain our ongoing efforts and to prevent pollution.
  3. Comply to Ordinance and Implement Social Responsibility
    We will uphold environmental laws/regulations and any other requirements while fulfilling our social responsibility.
  4. Fulfill the Environmental Policy
    Establish our environmental purpose and goal, and work towards achieving our environmental policy.
    Ensure that all employees thoroughly familiarize themselves with the environmental policy and unite as a company towards implementation.
    Make this environmental policy publicly and widely known as well as attempt to conserve the environment while communicating with the local community.

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