Nippon TV CSR

Nippon TV Holdings’ CSR Proclamation

The Four Promises

Nippon TV Holdings is a media and content company centered on broadcasting, which has a decidedly public nature. Therefore, we have formulated four promises that we aim to fulfill as we aggressively promote activities intended to be useful to society through our broadcasting and operations.

For a society filled with smiles
Through trustworthy broadcasts and heartwarming programs and businesses, we will strive to make life bountiful.

For heartwarming culture and well-being
By increasing the opportunities to come into contact with various types of culture and arts, we will strive to foster welfare that is considerate and offers peace of mind.

For a life- supporting environment
By protecting our irreplaceable world, we will strive to pass on good living environment for future generations.

For a future where dreams come true
As a leader in the broadcasting industry, we consistently strive to develop technologies, provide new experiences and build a future where dreams come true.