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Corporate Ethics

The bandwidths that we use under license are a collective asset of the nation, and society expects broadcasters to act with the highest standards of ethics.


While ensuring that all Nippon TV personnel are fully versed in relevant rules and regulations, management has also established an internal information desk called NTV Whistle.

Broadcasting standards

As broadcasters involved in content production, we must adhere to regulations and have, therefore, created a rulebook covering program standards, reporting and broadcasting regulations, and broadcast guidelines.

Pursuant to a report issued by the Ratings Manipulation Investigation Committee in November 2003, Nippon TV established a Compliance Committee in December to prevent a reoccurrence of any misconduct. The committee enacted and issued the NTV Compliance Charter which sets forth a detailed code of conduct.

There are three significant aspects of the Compliance Charter establishment that should be pointed out. First of all, I believe that the Charter will have a strong effect to remind all Nippon TV workers not to engage in any types of misconduct. Secondly, if an employee is about to conduct activities that go against the Compliance Charter, I hope others can remind that employee not to deviate from acceptable standards of conduct. Thirdly, showing the public how Nippon TV implements the Compliance Charter is meaningful. All employees of the NTV Group will comprehend, adhere to and execute the Compliance Charter, and thus the NTV Group will continue its sustainable growth.