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Topics in 2004

Energy-Saving Project in Shiodome : Energy-Saving Action in Shiodome

On July 30th, 2004, an opening ceremony for a one-month energy-saving project in Shiodome was held at My Studio of the NTV headquarters. Holding this event at My Studio, amidst clusters of high-rise buildings, was symbolic since there was a replication of NTV's nature-friendly program, "The Dash," which is part of the Nittele Jamboree being held at NTV Shiodome headquarters from July 30th to August 31st.

This event was co-hosted by Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, The Energy Conservation Center and The Shiodome Area Urban Development Council. Event participants included Vice Minister Sakamoto of The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Vice President Tsukiyama of Matsushita Electric Works, LTD., Vice President Hagiwara of NTV, Director Iwasaki of Shiodome City Center Office of Mitsui Fudosan, actress Miho Yoshioka, weather forecaster Minoru Kihara and NTV announcer Yukari Nishio. After a talk show on energy savings, they sprinkled water around the stage, a traditional way of cooling down in Japan.

With temperatures at My Studio marking 38 degrees Celsius that day, typical for this year's hot summer season, an energy-saving declaration was made for offices and stores in the Shiodome area to set their air-conditioning for 28 degrees Celsius and dress in light attire or without a necktie.

"Hand Down a Beautiful Earth to Our Children" … This is our dream.
24-Hour TV Charity Activity: "Preserve the Environment 2004"

We were born on this Earth and have been raised by the blessings of nature. All living creatures, including humans, are part of the natural environment. Losing any part of that environment could threaten our well-being. What steps can we take to make our Earth a better place for all of us to live? What should we do? What is the real meaning of "coexistence?" We would like everyone to think about these questions together, for our future and the future for our children.

24-Hour TV: Project to Clean Up Mt. Fuji

It has been almost a year since Mt. Fuji failed to be declared a World Heritage site. One of the well-known reasons is that there is litter all over the mountain. Following the disappointing announcement, local groups, civic organizations and the local government office made tremendous efforts to reduce garbage. Mt. Fuji and its surroundings are slowly but surely bringing back its original beauty. The unfortunate reality is, however, that littering by visitors and illegal dumping of oversize garbage and industrial waste still continue.

To hand down a beautiful Mt. Fuji for future generations, our message is to encourage people to pick up garbage. To implement this important message, we will host and take the leading role in this project to clean up Mt. Fuji with about 1,000 volunteers. Our hope is that this project will motivate everyone in Japan to pick up rubbish in their nearby surroundings.

Mt. Fuji Environmental Protection Patrol Car

Beginning on World Environment Day on June 5th, 2004, we started patrol activity for sustainable environmental protection with the cooperation of the Fujisan Club. Their activities include, but are not limited to, keeping an eye on the environment, investigating illegal littering and cleaning up.

NTV Eco Weekend

Coordinating with the United Nations World Environment Day on June 5th, NTV designated June 4th (Fri) through June 6th (Sun) as “Eco Weekend.” Using the phrase “Let’s think about the Earth together,” a wide assortment of eco-related programming and events took place to provide people with the opportunity to think about environmental issues.

Broadcast of Special Programs

A special program titled “Paradise Embraced by Water” was broadcast during Eco Weekend on June 6th (15:00-16:25). By showing how water nurtures life and to educate viewers about its benefits, beauty, mysteries, unknown characteristics and problems, the program aimed to increase awareness about eco. Additionally, regular programming (infotainment as well as variety) incorporated eco-themed projects into their respective program content.


A photo exhibition, based on the theme of “Sea & Ocean,” hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) and NTV was held from June 3rd (Thurs) through June 6th (Sun) in Crystal Hall on the 1st floor of NTV Plaza. Crowds flocked to view photographs of the ocean and environment, and to watch a video message from UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

UNEP Deputy Executive Director Shafqat Kakahel Visits the Photo Exhibition

 Deputy Executive Director of the UNEP, Shafqat Kakahel, visited the World Environment Day photo exhibition in Crystal Hall on June 4th (Fri).
Kakahel, who intently looked at the photos, commented how impressed he was by how “a television station would assertively participate in the campaign to preserve the environment.”

Well-known Synthesizer Player "Himekami"Supports NTV's Environmental Activities!

"Himekami," also known as Yoshiaki Hoshi, represents Japan as a leading synthesizer player who explores the culture and folklore of the beautiful, vast landscapes of the Tohoku Region. Since his debut 23 years ago, he has been energetically upholding the theme of Japanese traditional performing arts.

On April 24th, 2004, at Tokyo's Bunkyo Civic Hall, as part of the "Himekami Concert Tour 2004 Legends of the Wind," Himekami showed his support for "The Children's Forest of the Future (Royal Forest 21)" and applauded NTV's efforts toward environmental awareness. This activity, which NTV supports, is advocated by the NPO CCC (Creative Conservation Club) chaired by So Kuramoto, and fosters future forests by planting saplings and acorns.

Himekami spoke to the crowd about the importance of environmental preservation. Then the 1,600 prepared bags of acorns were handed out to each audience member to take home while CCC received donations. We extend our deepest appreciation to Himekami and all those who attended the performance, as well as everyone who was involved in the event.

Mr. Yoshiaki Hoshi passed away on Friday, October 1, 2004.
We enjoyed working with him and greatly appreciate his support for the NTV Eco Project. We would like to extend our deepest and most heartfelt condolences to Mr. Hoshi and his family.

Eco Bicycles Make an Appearance!!

Five orange-colored bicycles with the "Shiotama Design" (orange-colored dots on a white background) suddenly appeared in Shiodome. With a closer look, you can see the subtly different sizes and shapes. This idea, known as "Eco Bicycle" was generated by the NTV Environmental Project Committee/In-House Team." In a congested city overflowing with cars emitting exhaustion fumes, there is no mode of transportation that is more environmentally-friendly than a bicycle. Also, in the event of a city-wide disaster where trains and cars come to a standstill, bicycles can be used in emergency situations as a means of getting around. In other words, the eco bicycle is a symbol of an emvironmentally-friendly and convenient vehicle.

These eco bicycles will be utilized in public relations events and program publicity, and even for errands run by staff members as we continue to promote our NTV environmental message to passersby.