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A Bountiful Harvest at NTV Tower!!

Rice was harvested on October 6th, 135 days after spring planting. This rice, a variety called "Mangetsumochi," is used to make sticky rice cakes. As this is the third year of rice planting, an increase of microorganisms in the nutritious soil helped the rice stubble grow thicker and, as a result, produced a bountiful harvest. The harvested rice can be seen in the weather segment of the evening news show "News Plus 1" at a later date. Furthermore, our attempt at a second crop will be wheat cultivation at the end of October. We hope everyone will join us in observing the wondrous works of nature.

Weatherman Minoru Kihara and "News Plus 1" newscaster Masumi Yamamoto harvesting rice

Dry in the sun to enhance the taste

Let's take a look back in time…

Weatherman Minoru Kihara
and "News Plus 1" newscaster Masumi
Yamamoto planting rice

rice seedlings growing well

laden with ears of rice

2005 Office Energy Conservation Project in Shiodome

During the ongoing summer festival "Go! Shiodome Jamboree," a jointly sponsored energy-saving event was held by The Energy Conservation Center, Japan (ECCJ) and Shiodome Sio-site Town Management at Zero Studio Space in NTV Tower on Wednesday, August 10.

In attendance at the "Shiodome Energy Conservation Declaration Ceremony," were Mr. Iwai, General Manager of the Agency for Natural Resources & Energy; Mr. Shamoto, Managing Director of Matsushita Electric Works; Mr. Masukata, Managing Officer of NTV; Mr. Iwasaki, Head of Shiodome City Center and Mr. Kawano, Executive Director of ECCJ.

  As part of the "Perfect 28℃ Office Summer Makeup Show," men showed off this year's popular "cool biz" fashion while makeup and hairstyling tips were modeled on NTV announcer Mihoko Yamashita, who was impressed by her new cool hairstyle & makeover.

24-Hour Television's Second Annual "Cleanup Mount Fuji Project"
Illegally Disposed Garbage Cleanup Plan Carried Out!!!
1033 Volunteers Clear Away 23 Tons of Garbage

As part of the upcoming annual charity program 24-Hour Television: Love Saves the Earth (August 27-28), the "Cleanup Mount Fuji Project" took place on Sunday, July 31st.
In this second year of the project, removal of 23 tons of garbage by 1033 volunteers, including students from overseas, took place at 12 sites of Mount Fuji's base in both prefectures of Shizuoka and Yamanashi.
Alpinist Ken Noguchi, known for his cleanup efforts on Mount Everest as well as Mount Fuji, joined young students along a western section of forest road in the Anmoyama section of Shizuoka prefecture, to remove household appliances, tires, oversized trash, empty cans, plastic bottles and other garbage.

1033 Volunteers Clean Away 23 Tons of Garbage!!

This project, a part of environmental protection activities planned by the charity committee of 24-Hour Television, faces head-on the problem of illegally disposed garbage on Mount Fuji, considered a symbol of Japan, but also labeled as the epitome of the environmental problem.
Like last year, over 1000 volunteers applied from across Japan, including foreign students representing the United States, England and China. The large number of young people wanting to participate demonstrates their concern for the global environment.

Taking Action Now Will Play a Vital Role for the Next Generation

Joint cooperation by nonprofit organization Fujisan Club and student volunteers from the Waseda University Hirayama Ikuo Volunteer Center (WAVOC) was crucial to this project. A GPS (global positioning system) was used to gather data, which was then used as a foundation on which to propel this project into motion. Collected data including amount and type of garbage, differentiation of hazardous and non-hazardous items, area width, terrain features (such as safety of inclines), existence of bus parking areas and pedestrian walkways, vicinity traffic and visibility were analyzed to determine cleanup areas. Of the innumerable possible locations, the 12 sites chosen for cleanup this year were where the largest amounts of garbage were detected and where large groups of people could safely conduct cleanup efforts.

Student volunteers had been traveling to the site every week since March to conduct meticulous surveillance. On the actual day of cleanup, those volunteers played an important role by heading up volunteers from Tokyo, explaining cleanup procedures and assisting instructors at the sites.

Participating student volunteers commented with beaming faces, "I wonder why? It's just garbage, but I feel really invigorated and happy about doing this." and "Being able to work together with others is fun. I feel re-energized."

The average age of participants in this "Illegally Disposed Garbage Cleanup Plan" was 20.3 years old, a remarkable testament of active youth of the next generation. Thinking about what can be done now…it is passionate feelings like this of wanting to preserve the environment that we hope will spread throughout Japan.

Eco Weekend

NTV hosted "Eco Weekend" in commemoration of World Environment Day being acknowledged between June 3 and June 5, 2005. Through numerous events in the Shiodome area and via broadcasting programs, we promoted the importance of naturally preserving the environment. The second year of "Eco Weekend" was very successful with 18,000 people who came during those three days to enjoy the festivities and learn about the environment.


NTV aired a special program focusing on the importance of water, "Chikyu wo mamoru mizu no majutsushitachi" on June 5, 2005.

Shiodome Eco Quiz Rally

The Eco Quiz Rally started from Shiodome underground walkways followed by various places around the Shiodome area, such as NTV Tower, Caretta Shiodome, Shiodome City Center and Shiodome Media Tower. At each building, selected Eco Supporters introduced environmental benefits of that particular building and enthusiastically taught useful tidbits that could easily be incorporated into our daily lives in order to help preserve the earth. At the last point of the rally, two questions were projected onto a special screen displaying flowing water, a cool rewarding goal for visitors. Everyone who tried the rally was given an Eco ballpoint pen made of recycled paper and a sheet of slogan stickers, such as "Stop idling!" and "Turn off dripping faucets." There were many visitors who took home free reusable batteries that were offered by an NTV production team. In three days, 2,000 people enjoyed the Shiodome Eco Quiz Rally.

Water Bar

This was one of the most popular events during Eco Weekend. There were 45 different kinds of mineral water displayed from all over Japan. Visitors were able to enjoy some free samples. Paper cups for tasting the water were discarded into recycling bins and will be reborn as toilet paper. Plastic water bottles were also collected and will be recycled into fabric.

UNEP Photo Exhibit 2004 - 2005

The UNEP Photo Exhibit was held at Crystal Hall in NTV Tower. Selected award-winning photos of the UNEP International Photographic Competition on the Environment 2004 - 2005 were displayed. As worldwide events were being held in places such as San Francisco, USA and at the World Exposition in Aichi, Japan, NTV was proud to have played a role by setting up a similar exhibition. Using Eco boards made from recycled paper to display photos and placing ornamental foliage plants between the photos were well-received by visitors.

Special show by Morning Musume, a popular J-pop group

NTV hired Morning Musume, a very popular all-girl J-pop group, to promote Eco Weekend. They have been active supporters of a campaign to "prevent global warming" by the Ministry of Environment since March 2004. On June 4 and 5, they appealed strongly to visitors about the importance of protecting the environment through three special live shows, including quiz and talk sessions. About 7,000 visitors enjoyed these free shows.