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NTV Eco Week

Eco Programming Information

NTV broadcast various programs for viewers to reflect on what each individual could do to contribute to a hopeful future for the Earth. In addition to the eight regular across-the-timetable programs of news and infotainment, a weeklong schedule of ecology-related content was planned.

  • Special Primetime Program: “Beat Takeshi to Shichinin no Kenja”
    June 4th (Friday) 9:00PM -11:24PM
    Featuring popular media personality Takeshi “Beat” Kitano along with seven scholars, this program explored answers to common and often confusing questions about environmental issues while trying to separate fact from fiction.
  • Special Live Program from Eco Event Venue: MAKE THE FUTURE 2010
    June 6th (Sunday) 8:00AM -11:25AM
    Extraordinary people engaging in amazing efforts and spectacular projects to save our planet were introduced in this program. Highlights included a person who sunk 600 subway cars into the ocean to create artificial reefs for fish habitat, an experimental project to purify a dirty lake and a comedic duo’s challenge to live a garbage-free month.