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Genre Game Show
Also available as a completed program 60 min. x 13+ eps.

Escape from behind closed doors to win!

A team of 5-7 contestants face a room-escape challenge in 3 stages, each which take place in a unique locked room with various traps. The team divides themselves so that each team member participates in 1 of the 3 exciting stages, where they must answer quizzes and puzzles to escape from the room before time runs out. Cleverness, teamwork, and ability to handle pressure are all important factors in “EXIT”, an exciting, nail-biting escape game variety program.

 Some examples of the stages are:

The Beam Room

3 contestants standing on “Beams of Life” must solve puzzles to escape. As time runs out, the beams get shorter and shorter…and one by one the contestants fall into the pit to their disqualification.

The Stone Monster Room

2 contestants locked in a long tunnel and must solve scrambled word puzzles while a hungry Stone Monster creeps toward them. They need to move fast, or the Stone Monster will eat them whole!

The Water Room

2 contestants must solve hidden puzzles related to objects in the room before water rises and leaves them with only a few inches to breathe. Teamwork is essential – if one gets the answer wrong, both are penalized. 

Other unique and exciting rooms such as “The Sand Room” and “The Time Bomb Room” await the unsuspecting team!

EXIT is a new type of game show, combining puzzle-solving with room-escaping.  

Can the contestants solve brain-racking puzzles and escape from closed doors to win a prestigious monetary prize? Or will they run out of time and be disqualified from the game?

EXIT has proven successful as a one-hour prime time show on NTV, a hit with kids and their parents alike!