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Factual, Reality
Ambitious enterpreneurs try to convince a panel of five company presidents to give them money for their dream project.

This show will provide you with all the money you want, that is if you can convince five company presidents--the Dragons--with their loads of money to give it to you!
Armed only with their ambition, challengers try to persuade five very wealthy Dragons to give them money to start their business ideas. Some ideas are sound and other totally outlandish. Each episode has the five Dragons, with their vast amounts of cash sitting on a table before them, ready to hand it over to aspiring entrepreneurs with potential and promise. There is no limit set on the money that can be asked for, just be prepared to have your business plan thoroughly scrutinized...and we mean THOROUGHLY! Superficial ambition and poor plans are relentlessly attacked, for these five Dragons have come to know everything there is to know about money and business. Do you have what it takes to survive the Dragons' Den?