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"I'm Mita, Your Housekeeper." won the highest viewer ratings in the 21st century in Japan!

Dec 28, 2011

Broadcast on December 21, 2011(Wednesday) from 22:00, the last episode of the immensely-popular drama series "I’m Mita, Your Housekeeper.” marked a 40% viewer rating (52.6% share).

This figure is the highest ever of all dramas broadcast in Japan in the 21st century, and ties another NTV record.

The first episode began with a 19.5% viewer rating and averaged a 25.2% viewer rating across its 11 episodes.


Comments from Producer, Mr. Futoshi Oohira

*Family and our Earth

It is often said that only an astronaut looking at our Earth from outer space can vividly see its beauty, preciousness and even the damage that we here on Earth do not notice. Perhaps this same principle holds true with families. It is easier to clearly see a beautiful, precious, yet pain-filled family from the outside rather than from the inside as part of that family. We depicted this housekeeper to have a similar perspective as that of an astronaut—to be someone from the outside, attempting to help mend a broken family. As an outsider, the housekeeper was the perfect choice as a character since she suddenly joins the family and develops a deep relationship with them through her constant presence.

As a side note, scenes of the moon which appear throughout this drama correlate to the sentiments of an astronaut.


*Boosted by Social Networking

Teenage- and 20-something viewers tweeted their comments while watching the broadcast of this drama. We were able to follow the numerous comments in real time on Twitter. I realized that the number of viewers increased when coupled with SNS sites, such as Twitter. As a producer, I was relieved to have received very few negative comments from our viewers about the program, which allowed me to confidently finish producing until the last episode.


My wish would be for as many people around the world as possible to watch this story of family rebirth captured from a new perspective.