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Perfect Son

Episodes 10 eps.
Duration #1 approx. 75min., #2-#10 approx. 60min.
Track Japanese
Cast Ryosuke Yamada, Ikki Sawamura, Taisuke Fujigaya, Yuto Nakajima, Jingi Irie, Tokio Emoto, Kouhei Takeda, Tomohiro Waki, Daisuke Moromizato, Masayo Umezawa, Masako Miyaji, Rie Hagiwara, Kendo Kobayashi, Risa Sudou, Nobuaki Kaneko, Anju Suzuki, Kyoka Suzuki

Having led a life of misfortune and having had no luck with men in her life, Umi Suzuki (Kyoka Suzuki) has one tremendous expectation for her son Daichi (Ryosuke Yamada).  That is … “It’s payback time and my son is going to make up for all of my past misery!”  Umi has played the role of a good mother, and has manipulated Daichi to become the “Perfect Son” who cares more about his mom than anyone else.  Daichi, not knowing anything about her unspoken plan, has actually grown up to become a completely new type of “mama’s boy” who is so honest that he is not embarrassed to say out loud, “My mom is the most important person in the whole world.”  Much to Umi’s delight, Daichi is accepted at a prestigious high school.
One day, Umi begins a new part-time job.  However, when Daichi finds out that her new workplace is a high school cafeteria full of villainous boys, he suddenly quits his elite high school and transfers into this notorious one in order to protect his mom, which leads to the collapse of Umi’s perfect scenario…!
This intelligent, honest and sweet “perfect son” sometimes exceeds Umi’s expectations as he tries to please his mom too much!
The unfolding of this comedic drama of a mother-son duo will, undoubtedly, be both heartwarming and hilarious.




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