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The Most Difficult Romance
Drama HD
Original broadcast
April 2016
60 min.
Satoshi Ohno, Haru, Eiko Koike, Nozomu Kotaki, Fumika Shimizu, Ryo Nishihori, Makoto Wakabayashi, Kouta Fudauchi, Tetta Sugimoto, Tomomi Maruyama, Hiroki Miyake, Kazuki Kitamura
34 years old, single, wealthy, unpopular. He has a difficult personality and has never fallen in love, but he is finally about to meet the one that will knock him off his feet!

This owner of world-class hotels is indeed quite good-looking and makes a lot of money, but every single woman who has come near him quickly runs the other way as soon as they see his true colors. It turns out that he is a flawed character who judges others quite harshly, while being ever so lenient with himself. It seems rather unbelievable, but even he is about to fall in love for the first time!

His first attempt at love is riddled with challenges. His arrogance gets the better of him and inhibits him from approaching his dream girl. What kind of a woman is she? Well, she's difficult to read and has a mysterious air about her, but she doesn't seem to be good at reading others as well. Despite all of this, he wants her to fall for him too.

His love is sincere but his courtship techniques are too amateur! At times he tries to move her to tears, at times he tries to make her laugh. And at times he makes her just want to pull her hair out! Oh, the things he does to make her fall for him...

"Why does she hate me so much? Am I doing something wrong?" He has lived his entire life believing that he was always right. Now, his values are beginning to shake at the very core.

As more and more Japanese youth are opting out of romance, this is a timely drama that depicts a man who suddenly discovers love and is about to embark on "The Most Difficult Romance."