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Feature Films
Running time
135 min
Screen Size
Japanese Theatrical Release
September 22nd, 2016
Kankuro Nakamura
Tori Matsuzaka
Yuko Oshima
Kento Nagayama
Mitsuomi Takahashi
Taro Suruga
Masaya Kato
Shinobu Otake
Directed by Yukihiko Tutsumi
Screenplay by Nozomi Makino Tetsuya Suzuki

The breathless battle of

the samurai epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


14 years after the decisive Battle of Sekigahara, that virtually established the Tokugawa Shogunate's hegemony over all of Japan under the shogun Ieyasu. But vestiges of the old order remains in the form of a final resistance by the Toyotomi clan. Entering the fray on the Toyotomi side is a soldier revered and respected by many as the kind of hero who only appears once in a hundred years: Yukimura Sanada. But all isn't as it seems. Despite his manly appearance and reputation, Sanada owes his rise to glory to a miraculous string of good fortune, and is actually a "coward". Fortunately, Sanada encounters a former ninja named Sasuke Sarutobi, who has fled his ninja roots in hopes of staking his place in history. Sasuke sets about bridging the gap between perception and reality for Sanada by concocting a brilliant plan of deception. He recruits 9 misfits and gives birth to the "Sanada Ten Braves" who get to work turning Sanada into "the greatest general in the land". Summoned by the widow of ex-shogun, who has been seeking an opportunity to turn the tables, Sanada and his 10 braves soon find themselves on the front lines of the greatest power struggle in the land. Hunted by a female ninja, a "forbidden tryst" of Sanada, and then the center stage for the last major battle of the feudal period: the Siege of Osaka. As the siege movies from winter to ta protracted summer campaign, the question looms: Will Sasuke's big gambit pay off, and will the Sanada Ten Braves succeed in altering the course of history?


关原之战14年后的战国时代,德川家康想要统一天下一事,成功就在眼前,而与想要夺回政权的丰臣家的矛盾也越来越深。 "天下无双"的名将真田幸村(加藤雅也)得到了世人的尊敬。可是,这个幸村只是一个凭借大男人的容貌以及连续偶遇的小幸运而得以胜利的软弱(胆小鬼)的小男人!因真实与表象而苦恼的幸村遇到了命中贵人猿飞佐助(中村勘九郎)。佐助从忍者之乡而来,一心想要成就大事,推崇幸村说「你不就是真正的天下第一英雄嘛!」,并召集了同是忍者之乡的雾隐才藏(松坂桃李)等十个各有特色的男人,被世间称为《真田十勇士》!被秀吉的遗妻所爱慕的幸村,和十勇士们站在了与德川最终决战的最前线。战国后期最大的战役,德川与丰臣的(大阪之阵)战役终于拉开了帷幕!终于解开的"真田丸之谜",女忍火垂(大島優子)的"爱恨情愁",淀殿和幸村的禁断之 "秘密",加上对手是面对世人都认为不可战胜的德川大军,佐助和十勇士要施展怎样的 "计谋"才能战胜・・・徳川军队20万人VS十勇士、改写时代的《大逆转》现在开始了!!