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Tokyo Tarareba Girls
CatalogDrama HD
Original broadcast
January 2017
Romance, Comedy
Yuriko Yoshitaka, Nana Eikura, Yuko Oshima, Kentaro Sakaguchi, Ryohei Suzuki
“I spent my precious youth making “tarareba” (when-if) excuses, and now it’s gone…” The hit comic series that saw over 1.8 million copies printed throughout Japan has now been remade into a drama!

Rinko Kamata, 30 years old, is unmarried and doesn't even have a boyfriend. Her job: (struggling) screenwriter.
With both her career and love life not going well, Rinko indulges herself in a string of "Girls Night Out" shindigs with close friends Kaori and Koyuki.

"When I become pretty, I'm sure an even better guy will come along!"
"If I fall in love with the guy, then I can marry him!"

Just when the ladies were absorbed in their lively "tarareba" (when-if) conversation, a young, blonde and handsome man suddenly shows up and scolds them "You tarareba women!" Just like that, the ladies are given a harsh reality check.

"I thought that if I really wanted it, I could get the ideal career and love life."
"Are we no longer 'girls'?"
Such was the painful truth that smacked them in the face.

Women across the generations will surely relate to these ladies, who search for happiness despite all the struggles in life. "Tokyo Tarareba Girls" is a drama that is sure to hit very close to home, 100% guaranteed!