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Fueled: The Man They Called "Pirate"
Feature Films
Running time
144 mins
Screen Size
Japanese Theatrical Release
December 10th, 2016
Territories handled by Nippon TV
Junichi Okada
Hidetaka Yoshioka
Shota Sometani
Ryohei Suzuki
Toru Nomaguchi
Pierre Taki
Haruka Ayase
Shinichi Tsutsumi
Masaomi Kondo
Jun Kunimura
Kaoru Kobayashi

Directed by Takashi Yamazaki
Original Story by Naoki Hyakuta (“A Man Called Pirate”, KODANSHA)
Screenplay by Takashi Yamazaki, Keiichiro Moriya
Music by Naoki Sato
The team who created the national smash hit, “The Eternal Zero” reconvenes! A star-studded cast boldly brings the story to the big screen!!

In a time when the main source of energy was still coal, there was a man who saw the future in oil. Young Tetsuzo Kunioka who hails from Moji, Kitakyushu, rides out into the oil business, but is faced with numerous challenges and competitors who stand in his way, including domestic suppliers and major western oil companies, or the "oil majors". But Tetsuzo never gave up, however despairing the situation was. He always found a way and paved a new road with his unconventional ideas, eccentric actions, and most of all, his caring heart toward his own men. That style of Tetsuzo's was not something that would ever change, even when the tides were against him in a war-lost Japan. And finally, the "incident" that would come to shake the country which was devastated from the defeat of war, occurs. With the western "majors" getting hostile with Tetsuzo, all oil transportation routes were sealed off with besiegement on an overwhelming scale. Tetsuzo makes an "insane move" to ship his only large-scale oil tanker, the "Nissho Maru", to Iran in secret. Importing oil directly from Iran would mean becoming absolute enemies with England, who at the time had complete control over Iran's oil. However, seeing Iran suffer poor conditions under England's pressure, Tetsuzo feels a similarity with his own situation, and engages in his biggest fight against the "oil majors", despite his men's objections. Can "Nissho Maru" stay under the English fleet's radar, and safely make it back to Japan? And why was Tetsuzo Kunioka called a "pirate"? The answers to these questions unravel.