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-The Bravest Money Game-
-The Bravest Money Game-
Drama HD
Original broadcast
July, 2018
60 min
Drama, Action
Shigeaki Kato (NEWS), Shotaro Mamiya, Yuta Koseki, Kobayashi Kendo, Tomio Umezawa, Eiko Koike
What’s most important? Money, friends, or life?

"Money God" Muryo Zaizen, Japan's wealthiest man, holds tremendous influence over politics and the economy. He is building "Dream Kingdom" as an underworld where young adults can gather in absolute secrecy to test their intellect, physical prowess, and luck in a special gamble to win one billion dollars.

Young men and women risk their lives in a game where the winner comes out 100 billion yen richer. While great friendships are borne as the players help each other and share many laughs, this is still a fierce survival game that requires them to engage in covert psychological warfare and, if need be, knock each other down.

Main character Zero Ukai teaches part time at a cram school for middle school kids, but his true identity is as a heroic Robin Hood of the hidden world who helps the underdogs struggling to survive in modern society. He appears like a loser who will never amount to anything, but that is just a façade he hides under. Follow him as he comes out as a gambling genius who cares less about securing his own victory and more about creating a society in which nobody loses.