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Nippon TV Captures Annual Ratings Triple Crown Title for 2018!

Thanks to your support, Nippon TV was able to come out as the ratings champion in the All Day, Prime Time, and Golden Time categories for the fifth consecutive year in 2018 (January 1, 2018 - December 30, 2018).

2018 Annual Viewer Ratings:

All Day (6 am - 12 am)7.9%(2017:  8.2%, 1st place)
Prime Time (7 pm - 11 pm)11.6%(2017: 12.0%, 1st place)
Golden Time (7 pm - 10 pm)12.0%(2017: 12.4%, 1st place)
(Kanto region household viewership provided by Video Research, Ltd.)

Comment from Yoshio Okubo, Representative Director, President, and Chief Executive Operating Officer:
I thank all our supporters who helped us win the 2018 annual viewer ratings Triple Crown title. Words cannot express my profound gratitude to our loyal viewers. I also sincerely thank our sponsors who have supported us and partners who have cooperated with our program production. We celebrated our 65th anniversary as a broadcaster in 2018, a year where we broadcast a commemorative show titled "65 Years of Television--The Power of Sports" which was a collaboration with Japan's national broadcaster NHK, special music programs, and many other inspiring shows. The year also saw us win the monthly ratings Triple Crown title for the 58th consecutive month--a record streak for all Tokyo-based commercial broadcasters.

In 2019, Nippon TV will aspire to offer more high-quality content across multiple platforms that include our linear, BS (broadcasting satellite), and CS (communications satellite) channels, as well as Hulu Japan and our other digital streaming services. We hope you continue to support us.

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