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100+ eps.
60 min.

Short. entertaining adventures in Tokyo and its surroundings.

Its true faces made difficult to distinguish through an endless maze of concrete and steel, the city of Tokyo is actually a collection of village-like neighborhoods, each with a distinct flavor and history. And while one might think that leaving the city is necessary to see something new, some of the best discoveries can, in fact, be made right next door. This collection of mini-tours is a quick-paced introduction the hundreds of inexpensive, interesting, and easily reached places to be discovered within Tokyo and surrounding areas. Using the stops along a particular railway line, each episode's host explores a particular area's sights, specialty shops, food, etc., showing just how much enjoyment one can have without spending a fortune. We see how "secret boxes" are made near Hakone, and check out the numerous offerings at a new commercial center along Tokyo Bay. For natives and visitors alike, the series is an entertaining way to get to know the real Tokyo, whose neighborhoods are intriguingenoughto be destinations in themselves.