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26 episodes
Approx. 30 minutes
Japanese and English

a slapstick love comedy science fiction style

15- year-old high school freshman Seina Yamada has the worst luck in the galaxy. He brings it upon himself, family and friends anytime and anywhere he goes. No distance is too great for his bad luck to follow him around. But he must have something good going for him. Thinking Seina to be like the next Tenchi Muyo himself, the lovely Kaunaq of the Galaxy Police - one of several beauties in the story - pays an interstellar call to the hapless Seina and asks, "Wanna join us?" and bestows upon him the introductory manual to the Galaxy Police. Is it destiny or just mistaken identity of sorts? If all goes well for Seina he just may end up being the newest, most eligible bachelor in the galaxy too.

Like its forerunner, "Tenchi Muyo! GXP" is a slapstick love comedy science fiction style.