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10 eps.
#1 approx. 75min., #2-#10 approx. 60min.
Saki Aibu, Mocomichi Hayami, Chiaki Kuriyama, Ryo Katsuji, Maki Nishiyama, Kazuaki Hankai, Kazue Ito, Hidehiko Ishiduka, Mayumi Wakamura

Nobuko (Saki Aibu) had been nurtured by her parents' love since she was a child, then she ate, and ate, and ate...by the time she was 23, her weight had ballooned to 78 kg!
But after having her heart broken, she decided to give up eating cake, and finally go on a diet. After slimming down, not only do boys suddenly start paying attention to her, but she also lands her dream job. Soon after realizing how great it is to be slim, Nobuko falls in love with a pastry chef (Mocomichi Hayami), who is a dieter's worst enemy!

The production team and the writer of "The Woman Who Never Compromises", a popular drama depicting the real lives of women in their 30s, come together again for this new drama. Through the main character who goes from fat to thin, and back again, "Rebound" depicts women in their 20s and their strong desires to be happy. Actress Saki Aibu as a 78 kg fat girl is not to be missed!

As Nobuko goes through ups and downs in love, at work, through friendship and with her family, can she find her true self and her best weight??