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Sengoku BASARA -End of Judgement-
Animation HD
12 episodes
Kazuya Nakai(Masamune Date), Soichiro Hoshi(Yukimura Sanada), Toru Okawa(Ieyasu Tokugawa), Tomokazu Seki(Mitsunari Ishida)

The highly acclaimed "Sengoku BASARA" series has sold a whopping 3.3 million plus copies as of December 2013 and shows no signs of slowing down, having just come out with the newest installation in the beginning of the year.

This hugely popular action game series from Capcom is set in the Sengoku period, or Warring States period, and features glorious military commanders like Masamune Date, Yukimura Sanada, Ieyasu Tokugawa, and Mitsunari Ishida, who all have made their mark in Japanese history. Their thrilling battles have become quite a hit and the series has gained the support of a wide user base.

The series, which began in 2005, has blossomed into a franchise that includes manga, TV animation, theater animation, theater play, TV drama, Takarazuka Revue, musical, and other multimedia adaptations.

Based on "Sengoku BASARA : Samurai Heroes" and set in Sekigahara during the Sengoku period, "Sengoku BASARA -End of Judgement-" is sure to be an epic production.

- Story Line -
The troubled times of the Sengoku Era1saw rival warlords battle to hold their ground.
Nobunaga Oda, the ruthless warlord whose motto was "all the world by force of arms", was killed at Honnoji Temple2by his right-hand man, Mitsuhide Akechi.

In the years after Nobunaga's death, the supreme warrior Hideyoshi Toyotomi invaded vast lands with his overwhelming military might. Hideyoshi's troops sieged Odawara Castle, owned by the Kanto region's3 prominent Hojo clan, which had been resisting and fighting off the invaders. The troops included the likes of Mitsunari Ishida, who had pledged his allegiance to Hideyoshi, as well as Ieyasu Tokugawa, the Lord of Mikawa4. At around that time, Masamune Date, a powerful leader in northern Japan, heard of the invasion of the Hojo clan. Seeing an opportunity to grab more power, Masamune set off to the Odawara Castle. He was about to fight a battle that many have come to see as reckless. Hearing of the advancing Masamune troops, the respected Takeda forces sent Yukimura Sanada to the battleground, where he reigned supreme.

As they set their eyes set beyond these tumultuous times, the movers and shakers spring into action!

①A period in Japanese history (c. 1467 - c. 1573) marked by social upheaval, political intrigue, and near-constant military conflict.
②A temple in Kyoto, in the Kansai region of western Japan.
③A region in eastern Japan that includes the current capital, Tokyo.
④Located in the Tokai region, in between the Kansai and Kanto regions.