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The Files of Young Kindaichi -Jungle School Murder Mystery-
Drama HD
120 min.
Ryosuke Yamada, Haruna Kawaguchi, Daiki Arioka, Wu Chun, Nichkhun, Haru, Rui Kurihara, Ayaka Miyoshi, Goki Maeda, RYU, Ginnie Han, Lin Bo Hong, Hideyuki Kasahara, Yasuhito Hida, Hiroki Narimiya, Kazuki Kitamura

A long-awaited and fan-popular Kindaichi story returns only one year after the broadcast of the acclaimed "Lost in Kowloon" episode which was awarded the 2013 Tokyo Drama Award. An all Asian international cast and crew will again come together to present another exciting, suspenseful, and mind-boggling murder story of the Kindaichi series set in a Malaysian jungle! HAJIME (Ryosuke Yamada of Hey! Say! Jump) will again tag up with BYRON LEE (Wu Chun) to solve a murder mystery orchestrated by the infamous villain of the series and Hajime's perennial nemesis, YOUICHI TAKATOU, who is devilishly played by Japan's Hiroyuki Narimiya. Other multi-national talents include Kazuki Kitamura from Japan, Nichkhun from Korea's famous boy band 2PM, and Taiwanese idols, Jasper Liu (RYU), Ginnie Han, and Austin Lin (Lin Bo Hong).

Despite the detective genes inherited from his grandfather, Hajime is not the diligent student kind. His longtime friend, MIYUKI (Haruna Kawaguchi) invites him to a summer study camp in Malaysia so that Hajime can somehow stay on track. The camp is held by a prominent cram school called Gokumon, headquartered in Taiwan where elitist students throughout Asia come to achieve higher scores and to improve their studies. When Hajime, Miyuki, and their friend, SAKI (Daiki Arioka /Hey! Say! Jump) visit the Japanese branch of the Gokumon Preparatory School, they hear a scream and find a student's dead body on site. Soon after, Hajime reunites with Interpol detective, Byron Lee, to learn that the detective is on the hunt for the international criminal, Youichi Takatou--also known as the "Hell's Puppeteer" for organizing and orchestrating cryptic crimes throughout Asia. Hajime infers that Takatou is probably involved in the death at the Gokumon School and is also plotting out another round of murders at the study camp. Hajime joins the camp compelled to somehow prevent Takatou's attempt, but when they arrive at the Malaysian camp facility with a menacing atmosphere located deep in the jungle, Hajime's hunch turns to reality--students begin to disappear one by one even under the eye of the teacher, UJIIE (Kazuki Kitamura). Will Hajime stop the disappearance of the students and come face to face with the Puppeteer?