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The Girl's Speech
Drama HD
10 episodes
Suzu Hirose, Ryunosuke Kamiki, Anna Ishibashi, Hana Sugisaki, Kenta Suga, Shotaro Mamiya, Jin Shirasu, Kurumi Shimizu, Aoi Yoshikura, Marie Iitoyo, Nobuaki Kaneko, Maho Nonami, Kazuhiko Kanayama, Shigeru Izumiya, Katsuhisa Namase, Atsuko Asano

This is a story of one hopeless high school student who teams up with a genius speech writer to revolutionize her school with the power of speech...

TSUBAME (Suzu Hirose) is a second year student at Meiran High School, a prestigious school known for its wealthy students from rich families-- quite the opposite of Tsubame's household. She lives simply and peacefully with her grandfather to have only enrolled into Meiran on a "tuition-free" special transfer because her old school was shut down a few months ago. Her only goal at school is to stay low amongst her fellow students and end the day in peace without being bullied by the rich student groupie called the "Platinum 8." But her trivial days are turned upside down when she is elected president of the student body. A demise carried out by the Platinum 8, Tsubame's presidency holds no authority as she is elected to do whatever she's told by them.

One day, an anonymous prank carried out at a neighboring hospital by a Meiran student goes public on the Internet--something that could threaten the school's reputation and ruin the relationship with the local community. The vice-dean tells Tsubame to find the culprit responsible, but before she can prove the Platinum 8 guilty of the act, the student vice-president, ABURAMORI (Kenta Suga) is framed and is put on the verge of suspension. The school finds this accusation convenient as the Platinum 8 members' large donations are vital to the school's management. Feeling completely helpless and confused by her school's hierarchical vice, Tsubame meets an uncanny stranger in a wheelchair, KEI SHIZUKUI (Ryunosuke Kamiki). He promises to give her the most powerful weapon in the world to change her uninfluential life--the power of speech. Together they embark on a mission to change the minds and actions that plague her corrupt school. With the help of Kei, a mastermind of words, Tsubame ends up at the podium in front of the entire student body to pour out a heartfelt speech to point out her school's outrageousness only to discover...!