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Too Close for Comfort -Kinkyori Renai-
Drama HD
12 episodes

This drama is based on the movie "Kinkyori Renai" and goes back ten years to the mildly sorrowful teenage years of lead character Haruka Sakurai.

Haruka Sakurai is a 27-year-old English teacher who got appointed to Nishiizumi High School. As his students come to seek advice on their love lives, his own ephemeral love stories from his high school days begin to unravel.

During high school, Haruka, Mirei, and Kanata shared a friendship that everyone would envy. The three hoped that their friendship would keep going on unchanged.

Then suddenly, Haruka's older stepsister Ririko comes back from abroad. After several years of not seeing each other, she comes back looking so beautiful that Haruka's classmates call her "goddess." Haruka tends to keep a distance between himself and others, but Ririko forcefully tries to get close to him. One evening, Ririko shows up saying "I don't have anywhere to go home to. I can live here, right?" She starts to cry on Haruka's chest.

Haruka isn't sure how to handle his pushy stepsister.

Mirei is secretly falling for Haruka.

Kanata is aware of Mirei's secret.

While the three friends delicately keep a certain distance, they're still always close to each other. While Haruka and Ririko are unrelated by blood, living under the same roof results in a certain closeness. Two stories of closeness, both about to change.

"Too Close for Comfort -Kinkyori Renai"features the sorrowfully ephemeral love life of Haruka Sakurai, the biggest tsundere known to man. Bursting onto the big screens in 2014, it has now been remade into a drama series! Interweaving two relationships that are too close for comfort, this is truly a gem of a love story.