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Drama HD
Original broadcast
October 2016
Ikki Sawamura, Ryusei Fujii, Mirai Shida

When you encounter the biggest crisis of your life, will you be able to ask your family and friends for help?
Do you tend to conceal your worries and pains, especially from those close to you?
Do the thoughts "I'd rather keep hiding it than be a burden" or "I wish I could overcome my dilemma just for this moment" cross your mind?

Worry not. Help is just one phone call away.
When you find yourself caught in a bind, Rent-a-Rescue will save you, guaranteed.

Your very own rescuer will come and tackle whatever problem you may have, starting at two days and one night at cost-plus pricing. From searching for a missing person to assisting you with simple tasks, Rent-a-Rescue will fulfill your every command, even those you dare not reveal to anyone else! They work for money, so there are no strings attached and there's absolutely no need to show any concern for them. Feel free to use them for all they're worth!

But don't be too quick to revere them as superheroes. They're not doing this because of their passion to help others. The main character of the story, Yugo, is a thoughtful and caring middle-aged man who is heavily in debt. For the sake of his beloved family, he risks his own life and helps others. It all begins when a mysterious man suddenly shows up and makes him work as a rescuer for rent, all for the purpose of making money!

Clients hire Yugo because, for various reasons, they can't ask anyone else for help. As he touches their lives, he begins to understand the weaknesses they keep hidden deep within and evolves from a mere rescuer for rent to his town's true hero.