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From Today, It's My Turn!!
Drama HD
Original broadcast
October, 2018
60 min
School, Comedy
Kento Kaku, Kentaro Ito, Nobuyuki Suzuki, Murotsuyoshi, Jiro Sato, Kotaro Yoshida

The first-ever spoiled, unjust, and overly cunning unconventional hero in drama history just might have been borne!

Heroic main character Mitsuhashi, who sports a perm and blond hair, goes by the credo, "I will win no matter what it takes!" Yet for a main character, he is rather unjust, conniving, and calculating! Perhaps these descriptions make him seem like a despicable person, but it is actually quite satisfying and refreshing to see this sharp-thinking fellow beat the heck out of every single bad guy that appears.

By his own principle of "protecting friends and allies," he justifies his ways. In this sense, he is as pure as they come and it is almost impossible to hate him. In fact, you will want to root for him!

Always there for this unjust main character is spiky-haired buddy Ito, a champion of justice who abhors anything wicked. They have polar opposite personalities yet they form a solid bond and become an unbeatable combo only because they both believe in protecting their friends and allies, even if it means taking a physical blow.

Together they manage to do what we all have wanted to at some point, but in reality cannot. No doubt they will blast away all the stress from your daily life.