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Weakest Beast
Drama HD
Original broadcast
October, 2018
60 min
Romance, Drama
Yui Aragaki, Ryuhei Matsuda, Kei Tanaka, Haru Kuroki, Rinko Kikuchi

They don’t know how to speak their hearts out and let their emotions explode! Just how will the romance between two overly rational people unfold?

Lead character Akira Shinkai, 30 years old, never fails to smile and does everything at work perfectly. Everybody loves her, but nobody knows that this is merely a façade she painstakingly puts on. Whether it is her career, romance, or private life, she continues to be considerate of others while keeping her emotions in check. Suddenly, she realizes she has been acting like the perfect employee and girlfriend.
"What am I working so hard for? All I want is to fall madly in love and have a relationship where I can be true to myself."

Kosei Nemoto is a street smart and charming 33-year-old ladies' man who works as an elite accountant. But it is all an act and truth be told, he sees everything with cold eyes. He trusts no one and is not dumb enough to completely let his guard down and fall in love. Things were going well at work when he suddenly gets involved with a shady case that drives him to the verge of a breakdown.
"This life of mine... whatever will be, will be."

Two people who have guarded their hearts with an impenetrable armor are brought together by destiny at a craft beer bar after work. Oh, wouldn't it be so easy if we could just follow every instinct and live as wild beasts... This is a new love story for all adults who think too much!