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Red Carpet Survival
Entertainment / Gameshow

Three brave bodyguards protect a VIP despite severe danger!

Red Carpet Survival is a new type of thrilling game show where contestants act as bodyguards who must safely escort a VIP. The boss gives the bodyguards a mission; to make the VIP stay on the red carpet that stretches out to their destination no matter what. It means suffering physical blows and surviving a series of crazy traps secretly set on their way.

Three bodyguards form a team to protect a VIP. Two teams of bodyguards will take the challenge. Explosions, robotic attacks, real crocodiles - various traps block their way to the destination. If the VIP steps off the red carpet even slightly, one bodyguard will fall in the line of duty. Failure to overcome a trap results in an elimination of another bodyguard and the boss gets electrocuted. The game will be over if all bodyguards are out.

As soon as the red carpet is laid, whether it be on a university campus, airport, or hotel, the game show begins. Perfect for family viewing and adjustable to different budget sizes.