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Feature Films
Running time
118 min
Screen Size
Japanese Theatrical Release
November 1st, 2019
Shori Sato, Kaito Takahashi, Serena Motola, Juri Tanaka, Yumena Yanai, Mayu Hotta
Screenplay by Kazuya Konomoto 
Directed by Shintaro Sugawara 
Music by Akio Izutsu


"Male and female students must not come within 1 meter of each other"
"Students may only wear white underwear"
"During class, male students are allowed 1 minute to go to the restroom and
female students, 3 minutes"...
Schools in Japan are rife with "black" rules.
And now, two schoolboys wage war on such rules!
Movie Black School Rules is a silly and goofy coming-of-age story full of laughter and
tears about high school students that challenge ridiculous standards and irrational adults.


Sora, a high school student with a ho-hum existence, and Chuya are best friends.
Their high school has many unreasonable "black" rules that the students are
forced to obey. One morning, Sora falls in love with a girl with a beautiful hair.
Her name is Mao. Mao is instructed to dye her beautiful, naturally-brown hair
black but refuses to do so. She stops coming to school and is about to get
expelled. Sora and Chuya make up their minds to "crush the black school rules"!
For the girl he adores and to put the sparkle back in the lives of 500 classmates,
two boys who are helpless on their own get together to fight the "black rules" and
adults! What will happen to their crush and the friendship? And the outcome to the
"black rules"?