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Mute it!

Are you ready for a break from loud and noisy games? Then, it is time to Mute it!

A brand new game show format brought to you by Nippon TV, the creators of "Silent Library"!
The spirit of silence has been maintained in Mute it!, with a simple rule: don't make a sound.
The game becomes even harder when the contestants need to keep moving facing obstacles and hazards in a deadly silent environment as they clear the missions.
The game is set in one location, named the Hall of Silence, with multiple levels that have demanding courses or challenges.
Where the game takes place, contestants must not make any sounds above 50dB or the Sound Watchman will suddenly snatch you from the game.

To conquer the game, the contestant must pass 4 extremely challenging levels.
As the contestant progresses and exhaustion sets in, will they retain the stamina and concentration needed to face the different obstacles?