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Love You as the World Ends
Drama HD NEW
Original broadcast
January, 2021
60 min
Romance, Fiction
Ryoma Takeuchi, Ayami Nakajo, Show Kasamatsu, Marie Iitoyo, Kim Jae-hyung, Ryohei Otani, Takashi Sasano, Satoshi Jinbo, Kenichi Takitoh

One day, they were robbed of everything.

Car mechanic Hibiki Mamiya (26 years old) lives with his high school sweetheart Kurumi Ogasawara (26 years old). Life together feels so natural and filled with the warmth of each other's love. It was a happiness they expected would last a lifetime.

Hibiki is secretly preparing his proposal to Kurumi when misfortune strikes. A tunnel collapses, trapping him for four days. Barely making it out alive, he discovers a world completely changed. There is absolutely no one around, communication signals are dead, the transportation network is a wreck, and the only information available is the emergency evacuation order being repeated on the radio. Everywhere Hibiki goes, he sees bloodstains.

Just what happened to this town?!

Hibiki is all alone in this state of calamity. He frantically searches for his girlfriend but to no avail. Soon, he realizes the town was shut down after being designated as a hazardous zone. Eventually finding a few survivors, he wonders if they will be able to help each other get through this hopelessness. Or perhaps...

"If wishes do come true, I'd like to see you again one more time."

A desperate situation bombarded by unimaginable threats. What really happened to the town during the four days he was trapped? Pushed beyond his limits by what feels like the end of the world, will Hibiki find his beloved Kurumi?