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FAKE MOTION-The Only Wish-
Drama HD NEW
Original broadcast
January, 2021
30 min
Mizuki Itagaki, Naoya Kusakawa, Kouki Tanaka, Kaname Yoshizawa, Jan Kaito, Hyouma Ikeda, Win Morisaki, Hayato Sano, Tsuyoshi Furukawa, Takuya Kusakawa, Kai Ogasawara, Yuki Murata, Ryoga Funatsu, Takashi Matsuo

The Table Tennis Warring States Period

The high school totem pole is not determined by grades or how many guys one can beat up. It is all about winning in table tennis, and the fierce battle for hegemony between the high school students resembles the fights for territories during Japan's Warring States Period.

East Tokyo is a brutal battleground where Satsukawa University's Shibuya High School reigns supreme thanks to its esteemed players like Shimazu the captain (Kai Ogasawara) and Saigo (Takuya Kusakawa). Many high schools have taken on Satsukawa in an attempt to unseat it, as if vassals were trying to take down their lord. But countless have been defeated in the hands of the mighty Satsukawa and put under its control. No matter how unreasonable, Satsukawa manages to get away with anything, as if to say, "A school not under Satsukawa's control is not a school."

In a bid to end such an era, one high school decides to take on champions Satsukawa. Ebisu Nagato Academy, commonly called Ebi High, is preparing for battle. "Let's take power and bring an end to this crazy period," vows Ebi High.

Captain Hisashi Shoin (Takumi Kitamura) scouts Ritsu Takasugi (Hayato Sano) to the Ebi High table tennis team. Ritsu is hampered by numerous obstacles like feuds between teammates such as his childhood friend and star player Kotaro Katsura (Tsuyoshi Furukawa), as well as Hisashi's illness and Kotaro's injury. But as they band together and battle on, they begin to unite.

With their unbreakable bond, Ebi High finally goes head-to-head against Satsukawa and wins. Their victory brings an end to conflicts, ushering in a new period of "Free Table Tennis." Or at least that was supposed to be the case...

Half a year later...
Team captain Kondo Yuumi (Win Morisaki) of Hachioji South Technical Public High School loses his match against Tenka Fubu Academy, which is unrivaled in its home base of Osaka. Oda Sanosuke (Yoshihiko Aramaki) from Tenka Fubu declares, "I will destroy Tokyo champions Ebi High and all the other schools and make them obey Tenka Fubu." Then, he imposes sanctions on Kondo, who Hijikata Toshiki (Mizuki Itagaki) calls "mother" and protects more than anyone else. Witnessing this, Hijikata vows to exact revenge on Oda with the words, "I would gladly die for mother."

Hijikata forms Ebi High Allied Forces with former rivals Inoue Monta (Koki Tanaka) and Ito Shunsuke (Kaname Yoshizawa) of Ebi High, as well as former Tenka Fubu ace Akechi Juhei (Naoya Kusakawa) with whom he wants to regain his friendship. Their eyes are set on overthrowing Tenka Fubu.

Akechi begins to reveal what happened in Osaka one year ago.
Why did Akechi come to Tokyo from Osaka alone?!
Why did Oda become so cold-hearted and start using fear to rule with an iron fist?

Will Ebi High Allied Forces be able to defeat Tenka Fubu and keep its precious allies protected in Tokyo??