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Stacking It!
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Entertainment / Game Show
Territories handled by Nippon TV
Asia (excluding India)

The game show that towers above the competition.

Get ready for the tallest show on TV!

Stacking It! is an epic, fun-filled studio game show that towers above the competition! Two families go head-to-head in a series of stacking-based challenges in order to win a dream haul of prizes.

Across four varied rounds, the two families race to the skies in an attempt to leave the other in their shadow. Only one family can make it to The Final Stackdown, where they have the chance to take home a tower of prizes. The rules are simple: if you stack it, you win it. Will they rise to the challenge, or will it all come tumbling down around them?

Stacking It! was created through the co-development deal between Nippon TV and ITV Studios.