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Love Deeply!
Drama HD NEW
Original broadcast
April, 2021
60 min
Romance, Comedy
Satomi Ishihara, Go Ayano, Mio Imada, Ryohei Otani, Keisuke Watanabe

The deepest love there is on land starts this spring!

A massive seaside resort development brings together Miu Nagisa, a marine life otaku and oceanographer who loves everything about the seas, and Rintaro Hasuda, a “tsundere” cold-on-the-outside but sweet-in-the-inside corporate scion who just returned from London. He bets his life on the project while she protects the ocean passionately.


Coming from backgrounds that are worlds apart, they eventually fall in love through destiny’s hand. It turns out, however, that theirs is the most forbidden kind of romance there is, all because she has a “secret” that is sure to shock everyone! Just what is she all about and where is their love headed?!