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Drama HD NEW
10 episodes
60 minutes
Action, Suspense
Toshiaki Karasawa, Yoko Maki, Takahisa Masuda

That “voice” can once again be heard...

Lives are saved as the clock ticks in part 2 of this time-limit suspense!


Those two are back!

After the emergency call to 110 is received, the “crisis time” starts to count down—get to the scene within three minutes, grasp the situation within five, and capture the suspect within 10. It determines if the victim survives or not.

Managed by the Police Department’s Emergency Command Center (dial 110 to reach), the Emergency Call Unit (ECU) springs to action to protect lives. Led by extraordinary detective Shogo Higuchi and voice profiler Hikari Tachibana, the investigators take on a range of crimes, culminating in an encounter with the “strongest and most evil killer”!

Another insane summer is about to begin...