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Guilty Flag
Drama HD NEW
Original broadcast
October, 2021
60 min
Mystery, Suspense
Hidetoshi Nishijima, Rie Miyazawa, Kyoko Yoshine
Conceptualized by Yasushi Akimoto

Japan is supposedly a peaceful country, but every year, 85,000 people go missing. Only a handful of cases are deemed urgent and worthy enough by the police to be investigated.
Perhaps what is needed to convince the police is... the world’s attention.

The thing is... once the public’s eyes are all over a case, “misfortune” grows, and with it comes “misery.” When baffling incidents occur, the whole worlds seems to take whatever limited information is available to conduct their own “deductive reasoning” and paint a picture of the background “story.”

It’s 2021, and many in Japan have tools and platforms to disseminate information. To say that we’re in an era of 100 million “detective novel writers” is no stretch.
Numerous mouths, fingers, and pens give birth to all sorts of “stories” that, in turn, lead to other “stories,” creating a snowball effect. So, just what is the truth and what are the lies?
Our protagonist unexpectedly becomes the central figure of such countless “stories.” One day, his wife and kids suddenly disappear. He frantically searches for them, but has no leads whatsover.

In the blink of an eye, whatever sympathy he received takes a turn for the worse. Speculative minds think, “Maybe the husband killed them?” After being flagged as the real culprit, all eyes focus on him as he gets driven into a corner. Will he be able to get his beloved family back? Where can the truth be found?
A fierce six-month-long battle begins! What “story” will you make out of this case?