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Money or Junk
Business Reality Competition

Make money from nothing!

This is a brand new business survival game show where contestants compete by self-monetizing in remote locations using available resources, to sell on e-commerce apps.

All it takes is a smartphone in one hand to make money anytime, anywhere.

Contestants compete and see who has the greatest earning capacity!

An outdoors enthusiast, e-commerce app lover, chainsaw art fellow, IT guru, adventure photographer, and anyone with business, survival or craft skillsets to maximize the value of resources worth zero can join this unprecedented battle!

Located in abandoned factory sites or remote villages, they create value in what seems like junk, before selling them on e-commerce apps. Even a small woodchip can be an attractive product for someone!!

Whoever comes out with the biggest cash earned within the time limit is the winner.

Touch it like Midas! Who will come out on top of the zero-to-cash scramble?