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Feature Films HD
Running time
123 min
Japanese Theatrical Release
January 28th, 2022
Tatsuya Fujiwara, Kenichi Matsuyama, Haru Kuroki, Ryunosuke Kamiki
Director: Ryuichi Hiroki

The story takes place on a remote island off the coast of the Sea of Japan.

Currently suffering from a shrinking and aging population and left behind by the times, the island's future depends on the black figs that Keita grows on his farm. This new farming endeavor is a ray of hope for the locals, as it is about to receive a sizable government grant that could revive the community.

One day, a suspicious man comes to the island and begins making threatening moves towards Keita's wife and daughter. Keita enlists help from his childhood friends Jun and Shinichiro for assistance in keeping the man away from his family. But after a heated exchange with the crazed man, the three islanders end up killing him by accident.