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Lonely Castle in the Mirror
Feature Films HD NEW
Running time
116 min
Japanese Theatrical Release
December 23rd, 2022
Ami Toma, Takumi Kitamura, Sakura Kiryu, Rihito Itagaki, Naho Yokomizo, Minami Takayama, Yuki Kaji, Mana Ashida, Aoi Miyazaki
Original Story by Mizuki Tsujimura
Director: Keiichi Hara
Script: Miho Maruo
Character Design/Art Director: Keigo Sasaki
Visual Concept/Design of Castle: Ilya Kuvshinov
Music: Harumi Fuuki

Kokoro stopped going to middle school because of the bullying she suffered from her classmates, and spends all her time secluded in her house. One day her bedroom’s mirror suddenly starts to glow and she is sucked into the strange world. Passing through the shining mirror, she stumbles upon a peculiar building that looks like a castle. She soon discovers that six other people who share similar life experiences have made their way through the mirrors. 

According to the mysterious “Wolf Queen” who brought them there, there is a secret “Wishing Room” in the castle and whoever finds the key will get to go inside, and can make a single wish that comes true. The time limit to find the key is set for March 30th of the next year. On that day, the castle will close forever. 

Kokoro and the others start coming and going between the real and the mirror worlds in hopes to find the key. Even though they were awkward each other at first, friedships quickly develop among them. 

Will they find the key? Why are they gathered in the Castle?