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Gold Kingdom and Water Kingdom
Feature Films HD NEW
Running time
117 min
Japanese Theatrical Release
January 27th, 2023
Kento Kaku, Minami Hamabe, Keiko Toda
Directed by Kotono Watanabe
Script by Fumi Tsubota
Music by Evan Call

Two neighboring kingdoms; The Gold Kingdom- affluent with gold mines, lacked water resources. The Water Kingdom- rich in nature, but the lack of industry caused poverty. After a series of battles between, they decide to sever relations with each other, building a long wall between the kingdoms.

100 years later, something was troubling the two kings. It was the secret pact that the two kingdoms made, stating that 100 years after they severed relations with each other, as an act of accepting the other kingdom, the Gold Kingdom was to offer the most beautiful girl in the kingdom as a bride, and the Water Kingdom was to offer the most wise man in the kingdom as the groom to form two couples. The gears of fate spin as they unexpectedly encounter each other….