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Doki Doki Video
Observational Reality, Gameshow

Faced with shocking videos, can you remain expressionless?

"Doki Doki Video" is a new format which puts celebrities to the test to hold back their facial expressions while facing the most shocking viral videos.
The rule is quite simple…
“Don’t reveal your emotions on your face”.
No laughing, no crying, don’t be surprised!
Can the guests endure staring at the shocking videos?

In this unique combination of observation reality and competitive game show, celebrities compete in a tournament to see who can endure 12 videos without showing any emotion. 

Videos are about 10 seconds long and grouped into two genres—shocking and funny. See if you don’t scream in surprise when someone enters a seemingly empty toilet and suddenly a wild squirrel comes hurling at the camera with frightening force, when a huge sign falls near a passerby on the sidewalk, or when a wild bear lunges at a car window. Try to not burst out in laughter when a husband can’t stop wincing as his wife removes his unwanted hair, or when a parent comes home to see that their baby’s face has been drawn on. 

Once the funny/shocking twist is revealed, the focus turns to the celebrity contestants’ reactions, stripping them of one heart point if they make noises or show significant facial expressions. 

If they react or laugh twice in one round, they lose both hearts, at which point they must leave the competition. 

Contestants who make it through the preliminary rounds advance to the finals, where more shocking or hilarious videos await. The celebrity who manages to endure to the very end is awarded a gorgeous prize, declared the winner, and given the prestigious title of "Champion of No Reaction".

This format is sure to be a hit among viewers of all ages as it keeps them on the edge of their seats, appeals to the human desire to see celebrities from a different angle, and offers a glimpse into how they react to the most shocking videos. The close-ups of contestant reactions work well and are often as funny to watch as the shocking/funny videos themselves.

Get your game face ready for the ultimate video battle!