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Drama HD
Original broadcast
April, 2024
60 min
Survival, Entertainment
Shotaro Mamiya, Juri Tanaka, Kotone Furukawa, Ryo Ryusei

Status, wealth, honor, and life…

A devil’s game that allows you to take everything away from your opponent.

The death game for humans consumed by desire is about to begin!

It is said that if one manages to obtain 99 of the devil’s keys, one can have the world and everything in it.

The devil’s key holds mysterious powers.

Insert it…

The “game” conducted by the devil game master begins. Players have no choice but to join, and losers cannot refuse any demand.

Protagonist Teruasa Oda, together with the humans whose desires have been stimulated and are at the mercy of the devil’s key,

risk their lives to play ACMA:GAME. They seek to unravel the mystery behind the devil’s key.

Follow them along the intense tests of their skills as they take on the ultimate mind battle and extreme psychological warfare.

Brace yourselves—the devil’s game that uses humans is about to begin.