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"Abandoned" Thai version wins 'Best Drama for Family and Society' at Maya Awards 2019.

The team

Lead actress Maki Machida

The Thai adaptation of Nippon TV's social hit drama series and scripted format "Abandoned" was named "พรุ่งนี้...จะไม่มีแม่แล้ว" in Thai, meaning "Tomorrow, my mother will not be here". It aired on LINE TV in the Spring of 2019 and became an instant hit with the viewers in Thailand.

It went on to receive the 'Best Drama for Family and Society' at Thai's prestigious Maya Awards 2019 held last week. Nominations and awards are given to each year's best actors/actresses as well as local productions, making the Awards a Top Entertainment Awards in Thailand. Nominations and winners of awards are judged by a selected panel represented by major film critics and filmmakers, including directors, actors, and actresses. www.facebook.com/mayachannelpage
Comment From JSL Executive Producer (Thiti Sutthikulphanich) :

"We are truly delighted with the award. It's quite rare in Thailand that this type of drama would be so well received. The feedback from the audiences have been really great. So what we have achieved so far is something extraordinary."

The deal marked the first time a Nippon TV scripted format was adapted in Southeast Asia, and negotiations for adaptations in more countries are underway, to be announced shortly.

ABOUT "Abandoned"

"None of us expected that our moms would suddenly leave us..."

Abandoned is a touching drama as seen through the eyes of children facing the harsh reality of life in an orphanage. While facing many challenges, these young children long to be adopted. Only after agreeing to become a member of a new family, the orphans learn of their past given names. Are innocence and happiness lost forever when abandoned or will these children ultimately find their place in the world? This series will take the viewers into the hearts of children while displaying what it means for them to love and be loved.

About Nippon TV
Nippon TV is Japan's viewer ratings champion, topping all timeslot categories for five consecutive years and garnering the largest profits in the country's broadcasting industry. One of the biggest successes for the nation's finest producer of all genres of programming is "Dragons' Den", a globally successful business show format that has more than 35 versions in territories across all continents of the world. The Emmy Award-winning version, "Shark Tank", airs in the US. Following closely are the successes of scripted formats "Mother" and "Woman -My Life for My Children-", whose Turkish versions have become mega-hits that have gone on to sell in nearly 40 territories around the world. As formats, "Mother" has also been sold to South Korea, Ukraine, and France, while "Woman" has likewise been acquired in France. With well-established businesses that span VOD / live-streaming engineering, animation, movies, events, fitness clubs, eSports, android creation, and digital mixed reality, Nippon TV is leveraging its coveted platform to revolutionize digital media in an ever-changing industry. Launching a channel in Southeast Asia named GEM through a joint venture with Sony Pictures Television Networks, and leading the Japanese digital content market through its subsidiary Hulu Japan, Nippon TV is steadily solidifying its presence and brand as a global media powerhouse.

ABOUT JSL Global Media Co., Ltd.(Thailand)
Established in 1980, JSL Company Limited initially emerged in the television business as a leading production house creating programs for the Royal Thai Army Television network, known as Channel 5, and later extended its service to other leading networks. After years of experience and grown into a global operation, JSL becomes one of the top five production houses in Thailand and a leader in event organizer, both locally and internationally. What sets us apart from others is our accomplishment in diversifying contents that enrich Thai people's lives with cultural, intellectual and entertainment through on-air, online, in print and in person. Since 2009, JSL Company Limited has rebranded itself to" JSL Global Media Company Limited" in celebration of the 30th Anniversary.


Left Photo
(Back row, from left to right)

Thiti Sutthikulphanich  Digital Business Director, JSL Global Media Co., Ltd.

Jetsupa Kruetang (aka Janchan)  Thai Celebrity, an ex-member of BNK48

Ratiwan Thanadhamaroj  Chief Executive Officer, JSL Global Media Co., Ltd.

Kanop Supamanop  Chief Content Business Officer, LINE Company (Thailand)

Ake Punyasee  Head of Content Marketing & Brand Communications, LINE Company (Thailand)

(Front row, from left to right)

Fairy Pranchanok  Child Actress who portrayed as "Porjai" (Maki in Japanese version)

Maki Machida  Child Actress who portrayed as "Passadu" (Post in Japanese version)

Jasmine Taylor  Child Actress who portrayed as "Nok-krajib" (Bombi in Japanese version)

Right Photo

Maki Machida

Child Actress who portrayed as "Passadu" (Post in Japanese version)

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