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Mother and Woman to be adapted for MBC Saudi Arabia.


Deal makes Nippon TV's first Arabic scripted format adaptation.

CANNES, FRANCE -- October 17th 2023 -- Marking a one-of-a-kind deal, Nippon TV, Japan's leading multiplatform entertainment powerhouse currently celebrating its 70th Anniversary, announced today that it has licensed to Medyapim, the leading production group in Turkey, the Arabic language adaptation rights of their highly successful scripted formats Mother and Woman – My Life for My Children – which are aimed to be produced for MBC, the largest and leading media company in the Middle East and North Africa.
The announcement was made jointly today by Keisuke Miyata, Head of Sales for Nippon TV, and Fatih Aksoy, Chairman of Medyapim.

“This is a new initiative for two of our most valuable scripted formats, Mother and Woman -My Life for My Children-, for the Arabic speaking territories, with our long-time strong partner Medyapim and a new collaboration with MBC, the largest media company in the MENA region. The Turkish adaptations of Mother and Woman -My Life for My Children- produced by Medyapim were huge global successes, and we have no doubt that the Arabic adaptations will achieve the same success.”

“We have successfully adapted these two Nippon TV titles in Turkey into two long running tv series and then distributed our productions worldwide. Now we have another challenge of producing both of them for Mena territory. I have no doubt that we will achieve the same success.”

Ali Jaber, Group Director of TV and Shahid Content at MBC GROUP commented: “This partnership between Nippon TV, Medyapim, and us at MBC GROUP signifies an exciting milestone that unites a global entertainment powerhouse with regional ones. We are very excited to bring the critically acclaimed stories of ‘Mother' and ‘Woman -My Life for My Children-' to a wider audience, reflecting our commitment to showcasing diverse and compelling content for our loyal viewers across the MENA. This unique collaboration exemplifies our dedication to providing world-class storytelling, and we look forward to more partnerships of this kind in the future.”

About Mother
Child abuse is arguably one of the cruelest of crimes. Just as horrendous is the all-too common tendency of society to turn a blind eye to this abuse. Mother is the story of a woman who responds to an abused girl's silent cries of help. The heroine of this drama is a woman in her mid-thirties who has apathetically lived her life without interest in romance, society or even her own life. Working as an elementary school teacher, she learns that one of her students is being abused at home. Although unable to comprehend her sudden impulse, she decides to kidnap the young, abused girl to bring up as her own. During her life on the run, she re-examines her past lifestyle and searches for her path in life. Pivotal to this drama is the word “maternal.” The heroine, who had never awakened to her own maternal side, discovers this instinct deep within herself. This drama portrays how this unexpected discovery stirs the feelings of hesitation and conflict, which help her to mature as both a woman and as a person.

About Woman-My Life for My Children-
Produced by the same writer, director and production team of Mother, Woman – My Life for My Children – is another heart-gripping story of a mother's unconditional love for her children and her economic plight in a harsh reality. It tells us the story of a single mother who is widowed by her beloved husband who died in an accident one day. Left with her two young children, she is suddenly faced with a reality as a single mother. With a compelling script that takes you inside her struggles and her sweet moments with her two adorable children, this story unfolds the daily life of a young family trying to find peace and happiness…like anyone else.

MBC GROUP is the largest and leading media company in the Middle East & North Africa region that enriches people's lives through information, interaction and entertainment. In 2002, nearly a decade after the launch of MBC1 in London, in 1991, MBC GROUP moved its headquarters to Dubai Media City, United Arab Emirates. In September 2022, MBC GROUP launched its new headquarters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Today, MBC GROUP includes over 17 leading TV channels: MBC1 (general family entertainment); MBC2 & MBC MAX (24-hour western movies); MBC3 (children's edutainment with a mix of both local productions and western acquisitions); MBC4 (entertainment for young families with a female-focus); MBC ACTION (an indigenous adrenaline-packed channel targeting young males with local and homegrown productions); MBC VARIETY (Western films and general entertainment with uninterrupted broadcasting); MBC DRAMA (24/7 Arabic drama) & MBC + DRAMA (a joint pay-TV channel between MBC and OSN); MBC PERSIA (general family entertainment dubbed and subtitled in Farsi); WANASAH (24-hour Arabic music channel); MBC MASR & MBC MASR2 (general family entertainment geared towards the Egyptian family); MBC BOLLYWOOD (delivering the freshest in Bollywood content geared towards the region via an Arabized interface); MBC USA (on “Dish Network” in the US); MBC IRAQ (a premium channel aimed at the entire Iraqi family), MBC5 (new satellite channel dedicated to the Maghreb); all of them benefit from MBC STUDIOS which produces the region's most compelling premium content for cinema, television and on-demand platforms. MBC GROUP also includes two FM radio stations: MBC FM (Gulf music) and Panorama FM (contemporary Arabic hit music).
Furthermore, part of MBC GROUP is Shahid, the world's leading Arabic streaming platform, home to highly rated original productions from the Arab world, a wide range of exclusive movies and premieres, as well as the top watched live Arab TV channels.

MEDYAPIM was founded in 1993 by the partnership of Fatih Aksoy (producer & director) and Guzel Sanatlar Holding. It made a very fast and noticeable entrance in to the tv business with smash hit entertainment shows during the first years of private televisions in Turkey. In the year 2000, MEDYAPIM took an innovative step and adapted the famous US Series «The Nanny», marking its place as the first production company in the world to adapt a US series. MEDYAPIM has also adapted many worldwide popular programs in Turkey with great success such as «Who Wants to be a Millionaire», «Dancing on Ice», «Popstar». Especially with «Popstar», MEDYAPIM broke rating records in Turkey.
In the past decade, MEDYAPIM has moved towards producing more scripted content, especially dramas. It has produced many successful adaptations of foreign scripted series such as «Desperate Housewives», «Grey's Anatomy», «Shameless», «My Fair Lady» as well as original series such as «Adını Feriha Koydum (A Girl Named Feriha)», «Gullerin Savaşı (War of The Roses)», «Karadaglar (Karadag Family)», “Yasak Elma (Forbidden Fruit)”
In recent years, three Japanese drama formats «Mother», «Woman» and «The Teacher» have been added to MEDYAPIM's noteworthy adaptations with great ratings.
MEDYAPIM has multiplied its production capacity by parenting other production companies including MF Yapım, No:9 Productions and Mednova.
Today MEDYAPIM is recognized as one of Turkey's biggest content producers.

Nippon TV is Japan's leading multiplatform entertainment powerhouse and ratings champion broadcaster, as well as owner of streaming giant Hulu in Japan. Over 90% of its content IP is fully owned by Nippon TV and the company has been active in bringing its content to the international market in the form of anime, ready-made programs, formats, and through co-production partnerships.

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