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Fake Affair
Drama HD
Original broadcast
July, 2019
60 min
Anne, Hio Miyazawa, Toshiki Seto, Shosuke Tanihara, Yukie Nakama

A true love story that begins with one lie.

Shoko has never had a serious relationship. Before she knew it, she was 32 and had become the poster child for all sorts of unflattering labels society puts on unmarried women: "30s and single," "the temp worker who got tired of looking for a husband," and because she still mooches off her parents, "parasite single."

Suddenly, she meets a handsome younger guy on the plane to her solo vacation. She can't believe he asked her out to dinner. But it turns out that Shoko lied to him about being married―a move that elevated her status from "unwanted" to "a woman worthy of a man." Finally, after meeting countless men only to get turned down, the chance for romance falls upon her.

"Even if it's only during this trip, let's have an affair," the guy tells her. Shoko now has a "limited time only" love in her hands. Expectations rise as she experiences joy like she never has. Even though she keeps reminding herself that this is only an "affair" for him and not true love, her feelings grow stronger. Can what she feels be called true happiness? What is true happiness anyway?

"Fake Affair" is the drama adaptation of the latest manga from Akiko Higashimura, who also wrote "Tokyo Tarareba Girls." Thrilling and exciting, this love story is dedicated to all the ladies who simply want to be happy and are trying to make the most out of life, but have become afraid of getting hurt.