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Date My Daughter!
Drama HD NEW
Original broadcast
January, 2021
60 min
Romance, Comedy
Miho Kanno, Minami Hamabe, Kenshi Okada, Yoohei Kawakami, Teppei Arita, Ikki Sawamura, Haruka Fukuhara

At just around 40 years old, she has already been dubbed the queen of romance novels. Her great dilemma, ironically, is her daughter's inability to get a boyfriend. The reason is obvious though... the daughter is an otaku, and a hardcore one at that.

Mother worries, "What if she's so absorbed in her 2D world that she never leaves home?" But it turns out the 20-year-old actually has the desire to find Mr. Right. The thing is, her manga continuously get published and it's time to make a cosplay costume for the upcoming Comiket. She is one busy otaku, to say the least. Besides, the opportunity for romance never presented itself. If you ask her though, it's her mother she needs to worry about! At her age, she's still so innocent, impulsive, and naive about the world that she can't be left alone. 

Suddenly, the two decide it's high time they find love! It will be a first for the daughter and the first time in a long while for the mother. A child-like innocent mother and her dependable otaku daughter are more like friends. Follow them in this exciting love story!