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Nippon TV Acquires Shares of TATSUNOKO PRODUCTION Co., Ltd.

Nippon Television Network Corporation (Nippon TV) has acquired shares of TATSUNOKO PRODUCTION Co., Ltd. and has made the company a Nippon TV subsidiary.

Founded in 1962, TATSUNOKO PRODUCTION Co., Ltd. (TATSUNOKO PRODUCTION) is involved in the planning and production of animation films, television series, and character licensing business. Since its inception, TATSUNOKO PRODUCTION has produced myriads of popular animation series such as "Gatchaman", "The Genie Family", and "Mach Go, Go, Go" (Speed Racer), which have won the hearts of viewers both in Japan and abroad. Furthermore, TATSUNOKO PRODUCTION holds the domestic and international rights to many animation films, series, and characters. In 2009, Nippon TV was the first to succeed in remaking the animation "Yatterman" into a live action film, 30 years after the original series broadcast. Leading up to the remake of "Gatchaman" into a live action film in August 2013, Nippon TV spent two years introducing it in an animated segment on its morning infotainment program "ZIP!"

TATSUNOKO PRODUCTION owns and controls more than 50 original works and has the authority to decide on its own regarding the merchandising, licensing, remaking, and other use of these works. For this and other reasons, as a result of discussions with TOMY Company, Ltd., parent company of TATSUNOKO PRODUCTION, Nippon TV has decided to acquire 54.3% of TATSUNOKO PRODUCTION's equity. Nippon TV believes that adding TATSUNOKO PRODUCTION to its group of companies will enable it to strategically enhance its remake and content businesses going forward.

TATSUNOKO PRODUCTION becomes a subsidiary of Nippon TV upon completion of the equity acquisition. Integrating TATSUNOKO PRODUCTION's content with Nippon TV group's production and sales capability will create a high-quality content production synergy effect and will leverage Nippon TV's content remaking expertise, leading to business expansion both in Japan and abroad.

Moreover, the acquisition will further strengthen ties between Nippon TV and TOMY Company, Ltd., particularly in the character licensing business arena. Capitalizing on each other's strengths, specifically Nippon TV's content production capability and sheer power in the media industry, and TOMY Company, Ltd.'s product development and distribution capabilities, will lead to the expansion of each company's respective character licensing business.

The equity acquisition of TATSUNOKO PRODUCTION, along with the strengthening of relations between Nippon TV and TOMY Company, Ltd., are in line with Nippon TV's "Nippon TV Group Medium Term Management Plan 2012-2015 Next60". Nippon TV strives to promote strategies that enable the roll-out of a wide range of content through diverse and multi-faceted media channels and devices, in order to broaden and maximize the brand value of such content and enhance corporate earnings. Nippon TV believes that this acquisition will play a vital role in the acceleration of the company's global expansion.

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