Exhibition Outline


Alphonse Mucha: An Insight into the Artist Saturday, 9 March - Sunday, 19 May 2013

The exhibition "Alphonse Mucha: An Insight into the Artist" is a major retrospective of the renowned Czech Art Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha. It will feature many works that have never been shown in Japan before, as well as a wide range of oil paintings, studies, sketches, jewellery and posters from the Mucha family collection, including iconic posters of the legendary actress Sarah Bernhardt, for which the artist is widely acclaimed. The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Mucha Foundation, represented by John Mucha, grandson of the artist.

  • Rêverie

    Rêverie 1897 Colour lithograph (C)Mucha Trust 2013

  • Portrait of Jaroslava

    Portrait of Jaroslava c.1927- 35 Oil on canvas (C)Mucha Trust 2013

While many of the previous exhibitions on Mucha presented his works in chronological order, this
exhibition will explore his artistic vision and ideals behind his works. Through Mucha's own words and
works, we will be able to gain an insight into his creative process, ambitions and achievements. The exhibition
will consist of 6 sections representing important themes or phases in his career. 1: Mucha the Czech, 2:
Sarah Bernhardt & the Theatre World, 3: Le Style Mucha & Art Nouveau, 4: The Message of Beauty, 5: Paris
1900 and 6: Visions for Humanity.

The exhibition will include over 240 works, including rare works such as the satin-silk edition of The Arts
series, comprised of 4-colour lithographs: Dance, Painting, Poetry and Music. This exhibition will be a great
opportunity for all Mucha fans and art lovers to deepen their understanding of Mucha and his inner world.

  • Gismonda

    Gismonda 1894 Colour lithograph (C)Mucha Trust 2013

  • The Arts: Painting

    The Arts: Painting 1899 Colour lithograph on satin (C)Mucha Trust 2013

  • Design for The Moon and the Stars: The Moon

    Design for The Moon and the Stars: The Moon 1902 Ink and watercolour on paper (C)Mucha Trust 2013