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TRIPLE CROWN Winner! 2016 Annual Viewer Ratings.

Nippon TV Captures Annual Triple Crown Title for Third Consecutive Year!
Nippon TV 2016 Annual Viewer Ratings (January 4, 2016 - January 1, 2017)

All Day (6 am - 12 am) 8.4% (2015: 8.6%, 1st place)
Prime Time (7 pm - 11 pm) 12.0% (2015: 12.5%, 1st place)
Golden Time (7 pm - 10 pm) 12.3% (2015: 12.6%, 1st place)
(Kanto region household viewership provided by Video Research, Ltd.)

2016 was a strong year for regular program viewership growth. "Shoten" turned 50 while "The Quest" turned 10 this year. Both had stellar ratings of over 20%.
In sports, excellent play by the Kashima Antlers in the FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2016 helped achieve an excellent 26.8% viewership in the finals.
Thanks to our viewers who supported our many programs across different genres, we were once again able to win the Triple Crown title for annual household viewership in 2016 for the third consecutive year.
In the year ahead, we will continue striving to meet our viewers' expectations by incorporating creative innovation into our programs, both new and with proven legacies.

Comment from Yoshio Okubo, Representative Director, President, and Chief Executive Operating Officer:
We are honored that Nippon TV has won the 2016 annual household viewer ratings Triple Crown title for the third consecutive year.
I would very much like to thank our many supporters who tuned in to Nippon TV throughout the year. I would also like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our corporate sponsors who supported us and to all our partners who helped produce our programs.
In 2017, we will continue striving to produce content that we hope you will love. We will work hard to deliver our content comprehensively across multiple platforms, including Hulu and other internet streaming services, and offer our content overseas, all the while staying focused on our terrestrial broadcasting business. We hope to have your continued support in these endeavors.

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