WWII Special: Beyond the Lens of the Gun Camera

August 15th in Japan marks the anniversary of the end of World War Two. On this occasion, we bring you…
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Narita to downtown Tokyo, by wheelchair

Sports Vice Minister Yoshitaka Sakurada rides from Narita airport to downtown Tokyo by wheelchair to demonstrate Tokyo’s barrier-free credentials for…
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Ogasawaras at risk of tsunami: scientists

Scientists say an active volcano in the Ogasawa Islands could trigger a deadly tsunami.

Japanese detainee in Syria identified

A Japanese man interrogated by Islamic extremists in a YouTube video is confirmed to be Haruna Yukawa.

Protestors oppose launch of drilling off Camp Schwab

Protestors oppose the start of drilling off US Camp Schwab in preparation for the move of US Futenma Air Station…
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Softbank unveils nearly frameless phone

SoftBank unveils a nearly frameless smartphone for the US and Japanese markets.

Japanese man feared abducted in Syria

Japanese officials are investigating YouTube footage that appears to show a Japanese man being interrogated by Islamic militants in northern…
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Abe opts not to visit Yasukuni

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe skips visiting Yasukuni Shrine on the 69th anniversary of the end of WWII, but sends an…
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Japan marks end of WWII

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the Imperial Couple attend a ceremony in Tokyo commemorating the end of WWII.

Lighting the nightless city

People in northern Japan don’t do things in half-measures. When they built lantern floats for a recent summer festival, they…
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